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Magida El-Roumy at ESCWA


Because economic and social development would not be achieved without the human and artistic aspect, ESCWA today received Lebanese renowned diva Majida El-Roumy who got briefed on the the Regional Commission and its work. From ESCWA Headquarters El-Roumy called for giving the youth adequate importance "because they are the future and the crucial means for change." She also invited young generations to consider refined arts as a part of sustainable development. El-Roumy began her visit at with an audience with UN Under-Secretary-General and ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf. A tour of the Commission’s premises followed, with a stop in the ESCWA Library, where she was briefed on work mechanisms as well as on the wealth of reference and resource materials that ESCWA maintains for the benefit of students and scholars alike. The visit wrapped up with a detailed presentation on ESCWA’s work and programs, with special emphasis on the Commission’s role in youth poverty alleviation in Lebanon and the region, given by Adib Nehmeh, ESCWA Chief of Governance and State building Section. El-Roumy called on Arab youth to use knowledge as a weapon against ignorance and poverty, one of the main reasons behind wars.