Arab Bread Day 2023

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/CL1.CCS/2023/WG.6/Factsheet.1

Country: Arab region

Publication Type: Information material

Cluster: Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability

Focus Area: Climate change, Natural resource sustainability

Initiatives: Advancing water and food security

SDGs: Goal 1: No Poverty, Goal 2: Zero Hunger, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Keywords: Bread, Culture, Arab countries, Food security, Wheat

Arab Bread Day 2023

July 2023

The Arab Federation for Food Industries (AFFI) prepared this fact sheet for the Arab Bread Day 2023, under the slogan “Our Loaf… Our Strength” to discuss the realities and challenges of the bread industry. It includes information and data related to the production of wheat and grains in the Arab region and its dependence on imports, which in turn affects food security. This fact sheet sheds light on the bread’s cultural, nutritional and traditional values, and its effects on both the natural resources’ sustainability and consumers’ health.

This fact sheet shows promising opportunities for the Arab region and provides recommendations on enhancing food security, strengthening the Arab bread, building resilience and developing policies to deal with the drivers of high consumption of wheat and bread. It also aims at raising awareness on the consumption of whole-grain bread and a healthy salt content, the access to proper storage and the development of bakeries to provide healthy and sustainable bread.

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