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Climate finance needs and flows in the Arab region

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/CL1.CCS/2022/Policy Brief.1

Country: Arab region

Publication Type: Policy briefs

Cluster: Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability

Focus Area: Climate change, Financing for development

Initiatives: Arab Centre for Climate Change Policies

SDGs: Agenda 2030, Goal 13: Climate Action

Keywords: Climate change, Finance, Development, Capacity building, Climate, Sustainable development, Sustainable energy

Climate finance needs and flows in the Arab region

September 2022

The Arab region is highly vulnerable to climate change. The adverse effects of climate change are already being felt by rural and urban communities and across sectors. Regional climate models project that the average annual temperature could increase by almost 5°C before the end of the century under the high emission scenario. Precipitation levels are projected to follow a decreasing yet volatile trend overall. More frequent droughts and forest fires will be witnessed in some areas, while an increase in the number of flash floods is expected in others. This is affecting water security, agricultural productivity, tourism, ecosystems and health. Socioeconomic and environmental impacts are projected to worsen in the future, with risks to security and stability.

To enhance resilience, countries need to reinforce their adaptative capacity. This includes strengthening progress towards the achievement of national targets in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, and ensuring a just and inclusive energy transition that provides countries with the sustainable energy resources necessary to achieve those goals.

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