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Policy Brief on Arab Women’s Economic Empowerment cover

ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/ECW/2017/Technical Paper.6

Publication Type: Policy briefs

Cluster: Gender Justice, Population and Inclusive Development

Focus Area: Governance & enabling environment, Gender equality

Initiatives: Women’s economic empowerment

SDGs: Goal 5: Gender Equality

Keywords: Women's rights

Policy Brief on Arab Women’s Economic Empowerment

January 2017

This policy brief presents several strategies that could be applied in the Arab region to advance women’s economic participation. In the Arab region, social, economic and political factors influence women’s ability to participate in the economy. Women in the region experience constrictive social and cultural norms; enjoy less personal autonomy and limited resources; and have less access to education and training and limited access to health services. The policy brief will contextualize the overall level of engagement in women’s empowerment and economic participation in the region, taking into consideration dominant economic performance and policy approaches.

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