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Artificial Intelligence and Local Industrial Development

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Beirut, Lebanon
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Artificial intelligence (AI), a main driving force of the 4th Industrial Revolution, can either enhance or inhibit the growth of manufacturing industries in the Arab region. Currently, it is estimated that by 2030 the AI industry could inject USD 320 billion into the Middle East economy, with approximately USD 100 billion, or an increase of 12. 4 per cent in the GDP from construction and manufacturing related technologies. In the Arab region the difference in AI adoption levels in manufacturing is driven by cost, affordability, needs, differences in infrastructure and access to skilled labour. Moreover, it is evident from past industrial revolutions that technological innovation can affect employment in industry and manufacturing.

The expert group meeting, organized in collaboration with the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO), will focus on the contribution and impact of AI on local industrial development. Experts in the field of AI and Frontier Technologies will discuss topics related to AI and productivity, labour force impact and employment, and talent investment and infrastructure.

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