22 October 2021

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

The future of work in the Arab region: skills monitoring

  • Beirut, Lebanon
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ESCWA, in partnership with Emsi and the Qatar Computing Research Institute, is conducting a virtual expert group meeting to discuss the draft report on the future of work in the Arab region. The aim of this meeting is to discuss whether labour markets in the Arab region are prepared for future employment opportunities. The meeting centres on discussion of the primary results of ESCWA's skills monitoring data. The meeting involves policymakers and experts in labour market policies and in artificial intelligence-based policy tools. The meeting also includes representatives from the private sector, academia, and regional/international organizations working in the area of future of work in the region.

The EGM consists of two sessions, with presentations on: 

  • Data coverage and its limitations;
  • The report's main findings;
  • The future of skills and labour market mismatch in the Arab region;
  • Policy recommendations. 


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