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Impact of Occupation on Human Development in Palestine

Amman, Jordan
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Assessing the Impact of Occupation on Human Development in Palestine. Challenges, Needs and Remedies Towards Sustainable Human Development

This Expert Group Meeting (EGM) has two main objectives; the first is descriptive as it involves the observation and measurement of the impact of the Israeli occupation on Human Development in Palestine. This includes the study of the list of challenges Palestinians constantly face because of the Israeli occupation. Such challenges vary from the restrictions of housing, water provision, agriculture, industry, finance, trade, freedom of movement and travel, to freedom of expression, political organization, and the right of return and self-determination.

The other objective is prescriptive as it involves seeking remedies to counter the challenges described in the first category. This involves both; a series of studies pertaining to state building, independence and international support and recondition. And out-of-the box solutions to address the obstacles resulting from Israeli occupation and mitigate their effect on development outcomes.

The EGM shall provide a platform to assess and enhance Palestinian human capital and sustainable development, including the attainment of the 2030 development agenda. To this end, it is as much an imperative to explore the challenges facing the human development in Palestine in the context of good governance and the performance of the relevant Palestinian institutions, including CSOs, as in the context of the Israeli occupation and its consequences. Finally, the recommendations this meeting is to provide should include follow up plans that address the needs and mitigate the challenges facing human development in Palestine.

Session I: The Challenges of a More Effective Essential Service Delivery and Sustainable Development in Palestine: What are the Options
Session II: The Impact of Movement Restrictions on Development Outcomes in Palestine: What Mitigation Possibilities are Currently Feasible
Session IV: The Gaza Strip and Jerusalem: Between Closure and Restrictions
Session V: Arresting Human Capital Deterioration of Palestinian Refugees: What are the Options?

Session III: Arresting the Shrinking Palestinian Economy and Mitigating Dependency on Israel: Challenges and Alternatives