20 December 2022

Beirut time

Regional Consultation

Improved water security in Arab States: inception meeting

  • Online

This meeting introduces the “Improved Water Security in Arab States” project and the Arab Groundwater Knowledge Platform to project focal points.

National focal points are sharing their experiences, views and feedback, which will contribute to enhancing user experience. The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Drylands is presenting a plan to update the existing hydrogeological map of the Arab region, to be hosted on the Platform.

Member States are being invited to implement pilot case studies on the impact of climate change on groundwater resources and the use of disruptive technology for the management of groundwater resources.

Outcome document

  • Meeting participants acknowledge the benefits of launching an Arab Groundwater Knowledge Platform
  • The information available on the Arab Groundwater Knowledge Platform has been collected from previous studies and initiatives completed by ESCWA and ACSAD and from other open sources including satellite data. The platform will benefit from analysis tools open to users with download capabilities. Cooperation of national focal points is needed to validate and enhance the accuracy of the data and to provide data at national and sub-national scales.
  • As part of the project, ACSAD is leading on updating the regional hydrogeological map. Countries are encouraged to provide their most accurate and updated data and to contribute to the validation of the new hydrogeological map.
  • The project aims to improve the knowledge of the impacts of climate change on groundwater and the use of disruptive technologies for groundwater management through demand-driven pilot case studies in member states.
  1. Create a Whatsapp group for the focal points to facilitate discussions and exchange of information.
  2. Existing data and information for the Arab Groundwater Knowledge Platform and for the hydrogeological map update will be shared with focal points for their review and validation. Countries are also requested to provide additional data, maps, and information to supplement missing information.
  3. ESCWA will send a request to focal points to express their interest in applying the assessment of climate change impacts on groundwater. At least 2 case studies will supported.
  4. ESCWA will send a request to focal points to express their interest in using a disruptive technology for groundwater management. 3 case studies will be supported.
  5. A regional workshop will be delivered on the three project pillars:​​​
    1. Arab Groundwater Knowledge Platform;
    2. Assessment of the climate change impacts on groundwater;
    3. Use of selected disruptive technologies for managing groundwater resources.

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