7-8 February 2024
Special event

Launch of multi-stakeholder dialogue for the voluntary local review of Irbid city

  • The Intercontinental Hotel, Amman, Jordan
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Within the scope of the Inter-Regional Cooperation on the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda, ESCWA and UN-Habitat are collaborating with the Greater Irbid Municipality to launch the voluntary local review (VLR) development process for Irbid city in Jordan.

The event is aimed at initiating a multi-stakeholder dialogue on sustainable urban development and the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals. The first day focuses on enhancing awareness of the Jordan SDG roadmap, opening a dialogue on the Irbid VLR process, and finalizing SDG prioritization through stakeholder input. The second day features a VLR-VNR studio, providing a learning platform for capacity-building on VLR processes and aligning them with national reporting.

The event aims to facilitate exchanges of regional and international good practices in developing VLRs and to highlight the crucial role of local data collection for evidence-based policy-making.

Outcome document

The workshop emphasized the importance of multi-stakeholder dialogue, involving representatives from UN agencies, local authorities, public and private sectors, NGOs, CSOs, and academia. This collaboration is pivotal in strengthening local engagement for sustainable urban development, underlining the significance of inclusive partnerships to drive progress toward the SDGs at the city level.

  • The VLR-VNR Studio provided a valuable platform for building the capacities of national and local governments in the VLR process. The exchange of regional and international good practices highlighted the need for ongoing capacity-building initiatives, emphasizing the alignment between VLRs and national reporting processes. This underscores the commitment to enhancing the skills and knowledge of stakeholders involved in SDG localization efforts.
  • The event underscored the critical role of data collection in evidence-based policy-making. Through the development of VLRs and VNRs, participants recognized the opportunities for comprehensive data collection and its utilization in the planning and execution of city action plans and programs. This key message reinforces the importance of leveraging data to inform decision-making processes for sustainable urban development in Irbid City and beyond.
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