5 February 2019

Launching of the baseline mapping study of the energy use situation in the buildings sector in Tunisia

  • Tunis, Tunisia

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing, in collaboration with the Tunisian Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME), a national seminar focusing on the methodologies for developing the baseline mapping study of the energy use situation in the buildings sector in Tunisia.

This national seminar is an activity scheduled in the UN Development Account (UNDA) project on Up-scaling Energy Efficiency in the residential and services sector in the Arab Region. This project aims to substantially enhance the capacity of ESCWA Member States in improving and optimizing energy efficiency in the building sector and up-scaling energy efficiency programs in the existing residential and non-residential building stock.

The objective of this national seminar is to launch the baseline mapping study in Tunisia which would include the identification of stakeholders, current status of residential and services sectors energy consumption, existing programmes, policies and strategies etc. The outputs of this mapping exercise will constitute the basis for the remaining activities and will help in defining the main axis and players for conducting the Energy Efficiency actions in the building sector.

The seminar will also discuss the importance of this mapping exercise and present the methodologies that were retained to complete the various tasks, and the role that various stakeholders can play to contribute to the success of this exercise

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