14-17 May 2024

Libraries and the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Beirut, Lebanon

Libraries are custodians of knowledge. They safeguard cultural heritage and the memories of countries. The digitization of a huge number of documents, including intangible heritage, is proceeding at an unparalleled pace, benefiting mainly local communities, due to the abundance of information to discover on the Internet.

ESCWA, in partnership with the Lebanese Library Association & the International Federation for Library Associations, is organizing the 6th Conference of the Lebanese Library Association. This scientific conference showcases initiatives for digitization projects and highlights the expertise of academic, public and specialized libraries dealing with digitization. It also addresses emerging generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, Bing AI and Gemini AI with a focus on how they identify, discover, and preserve images of cultural heritage.

- Call for papers


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