24 February 2021

Beirut time


National Meeting on Disability Statistics in Iraq

  • Online

Official disability statistics have an essential role in planning, implementing and monitoring policies and programs aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes persons with disabilities as one of the marginalized groups and calls for their empowerment. In target 17.18 of the seventh goal of the Sustainable Development Goals, the agenda commits to strengthening capacity-building support for developing countries, by 2020, in order to provide high-quality and reliable disaggregated data, including disability data.

The United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 3, recommends the inclusion of the Washington Group's questions in censuses to collect and analyze data on persons with disabilities and use them in developing programs and providing general planning services such as prevention and rehabilitation, monitoring disability trends at the national level, in addition to evaluating relevant national programs and services. By achieving equal opportunities.

ESCWA, in cooperation with the Central Bureau of Statistics in Iraq, held the national meeting on disability statistics in Iraq to discuss guidelines on collecting disability data, designing a disability question form in the census, and enhancing the agency's capabilities to implement the 2021 population census to produce comparable data at the regional and global levels.


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