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National Training Workshop on Energy Statistics and Energy Balance for Sudan


Energy data represents a basic input to all sectoral and national development plans, particularly in ESCWA member countries where energy sector has a vital role in the economic and social development. However, the quality of energy statistics in most of ESCWA countries still needs capacity building to meet the appropriate statistical requirements for formulating national development plans and international reporting.

In this regard, ESCWA has received a request from Sudan to conduct a national training workshop on energy statistics and energy balance that will be held in Khartoum, Sudan. This request came as a follow up to two previous technical missions that ESCWA provided for strengthening Sudan national capacities in energy statistics. The training, joint with the International Energy Agency (IEA), will be attended by 30 national officials from Sudan and Libya. Participants from all related stakeholders will participate and will benefit from the hands-on computerized training and from the provided bilingual energy material.

The national workshop is one of the activities of the Development Account Regional project for strengthening statistical capacity for the ESCWA countries in energy statistics and energy balance. The ultimate purpose of the training is to assist Sudan and Libya’s national officials in collecting, researching and disseminating comparable and timely energy statistics.