National Workshop on Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in Qatar - ESCWA
26-27 October 2021

National Workshop on Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in Qatar

  • Doha, Qatar
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ESCWA and the Planning and Statistics Authority in Qatar are organizing a “National Workshop on Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in Qatar” as part of the activities of the Development Account Project “Towards the Arab Horizon 2030: Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in the Arab Region”.


The workshop aims at introducing and engaging stakeholders from ministries, government agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector, research centers, universities and international organizations, directly or indirectly, in the process of development planning and capacity-building, in addition to enhancing their understanding of relevant opportunities and challenges in order to promote foreign direct investment in  Qatar, and developing knowledge of national and regional regulatory frameworks in foreign direct investment. The workshop also aims at providing participants with the skills, tools and ideas necessary to consolidate the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and work to link them with national development plans.


The workshop will focus on the following main topics:

1. Development planning tools and materials prepared by ESCWA.

2. Successes and challenges in national development planning in Qatar.

3. Public policies and regulatory reforms, especially in foreign direct investment.


Since the process of collecting information and closely looking at structuring the planning process and identifying challenges is very important in order to increase the applicability of the national development plan and improve its chances of success, the workshop will include arranging working groups to discuss and analyze the current status of the development planning process, regulatory reforms and mechanisms adopted in the State of Qatar. Necessary actions for improvement will be extracted, and main motives in the decision-making process will be identified, which will affect the effectiveness of the planning process in the future, in addition to identifying the strengths and challenges facing the planning process in Qatar and benefiting from them in the various stages of planning (such as planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation).


Workshop participants: All entities involved in development planning at the national, sectoral and institutional levels in state ministries and agencies, civil society organizations, universities, research centers and United Nations organizations operating in the State of Qatar.

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