3-9 October 2021

National Workshops for Qatari Youth on the First Stage of the Social Entrepreneurship Journey: “Identifying the Problem and Solution”

  • Doha, Qatar

These two back to back workshops, organized from 3 to 5 October and 6 to 9 October 2021 respectively, are the first in a series of training workshops that ESCWA is organizing in close cooperation with NAMA Center in Qatar as part of the project entitled "Building the Capacities of Young Men and Women in Qatar in the area of Social Entrepreneurship", aiming to empower young men and women to become active social entrepreneurs in their communities. The workshops use a comprehensive training package which was developed by ESCWA team to fit the training needs of youth and the overall entrepreneurship context in the country. Each workshop targets around 20-25 young people who have previous knowledge or experience in entrepreneurship in general or social entrepreneurship in specific.

The two workshops address the concept of social entrepreneurship, the skills of leadership, problem analysis, innovation and ideas creation and the financial support mechanisms required to ensure the sustainability of the solution. More specifically, the two workshops aim to enhance the capacities of young Qataris on the first stage of the social entrepreneurship journey, namely: problem and solution identification.

Initiatives: Young people

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