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Non-Tariff Measures: Economic Assessment and Policy Options for Development

Beirut, Lebanon
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Non Trade Measures (NTMs) have become a key factor influencing international trade, despite its implications on the economic development, particularly for countries pursuing a developmental strategy in order to integrate themselves into the global markets. The event will cover the UNCTAD book “Non-Tariff Measures: economic assessment and policy options for development” focusing primarily on the implications of NTMs over market access and economic integration.  It will present several policy options for governments to minimize the negative effects due to NTMs.
ESCWA will launch the second edition of Assessing Arab Economic Integration Report: Trade in Services as a Driver of Growth and Development.  This report makes the case that limiting trade agreements to goods will not generate significant gains to address Arab Economic and Social Challenges.  However, the inclusion of services, if accompanied by appropriate policies to support transformation of Arab economies through greater connectivity to global value chains (GVCs), should positively impact the development paths.  This report shows that trade costs stemmed from unduly restrictive regulations may be two of three times higher for trade in services compared to trade in goods.  This is a key factor behind the unexploited potential for regional and global integration of Arab economies.