26-29 November 2018
Special event

Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, 2018

Solidarity with the Palestinian People
  • Beirut, Lebanon

As in every year, ESCWA organizes activities to observe the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People to raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinian people and mobilize support to efforts aiming to attain their inalienable rights.
For 2018, ESCWA organized an official ceremony at 11:00 am on 26 November in the United Nations House. The ceremony included the message of the Secretary-General (delivered by Mr. Tarik Alami, director of the ESCWA Emerging and Conflict Related Issues Division), the statement of ESCWA delivered by its Acting Executive Secretary, Mr. Mounir Tabet, the statement of the State of Palestine delivered by the Minister of Culture, Mr. Ehab Bseiso and the statement of the Lebanese Republic delivered by Minister of Women Affairs, Mr. Jean Oghassabian representing Prime Minister Saad Harriri.
ESCWA also organized two exhibitions for this occasion at the United Nations House from 26-29 November 2018. 
1.         Archival exhibition by the Institute for Palestine Studies titled Nakba… On the Road to Return providing photos and documents depicting life and developments in the land of Mandate Palestine before the Nakba, during the 1948 war and ensuing years.
2.         Photo exhibition by Palestinian photojournalist from Gaza, Mustafa Hassouna from the Anadolu Agency depicting different aspects of life in Gaza 2018.
This observance is organized in response to
General Assembly resolution 32/40 of 1977 that designated 29 November a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people; a day which coincides with the anniversary of resolution 181 on the Partition Plan of historic Palestine.

Statement of the State of Palestine - Culture Minister Ehab Bseiso on Int'l Day of Solidarity with Palestine at ESCWA (Arabic)
Statement of the Lebanese Republic - Minister Jean Oghassabian on Int'l Day of Solidarity with Palestine (Arabic)


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