Quality of life at the heart of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
14 July 2023

Beirut time

Special event

Quality of life at the heart of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

  • United Nations Headquarters
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ESCWA is organizing a side event of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in the framework of the Quality of Life initiative, launched by UN-Habitat. The initiative helps local Governments and policymakers make clear, informed decisions for the well-being of people and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with support from Saudi Arabia and other member States.

The side event is aimed at emphasizing the importance of policy alignment and the role of cities in advancing progress towards achieving the SDGs and building urban resilience, as well as at showcasing good practices and promoting quality of life.  

Outcome document

The event aims at advocating for the quality of life as the perspective through which SDG objectives would be approached, and addressing data deficiencies to comprehend how cities were effectively meeting the needs of their residents in a sustainable manner.

Moreover, it strikes a balance between human needs and environmental sustainability and harnesses the influence of all levels of government, diverse business scales, and community engagement to advance the 2030 Agenda goals effectively.



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