Short-term economic recovery plan for Lebanon - ESCWA
3 October 2022

Beirut time

Special event

Short-term economic recovery plan for Lebanon

  • Beirut, Lebanon
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ESCWA, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) in Lebanon, is implementing a project on enhancing integrated development planning. A short-term strategic plan focusing on key sectors of the economy is being developed in two phases.

After the initial meeting to discuss the first draft of the plan, ESCWA and MoET are organizing a launch event of the first phase of the development of the plan.

The main objectives of this induction meeting are:

  • Providing an overview of the joint project between ESCWA and MoET
  • Discussing Lebanon’s urgent needs in terms of short-term economic recovery
  • Outlining the next steps in the development of the plan

Participants include high-level officials from the MoET and other representatives from line ministries, donor agencies and the media.

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