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Workshop on Statistical Business Registers (SBR) in the Arab Countries

Amman, Jordan

Statistical business registers (SBR) are important infrastructures for statistics development. SBR can serve as a cost-effective sample frame that reduces greatly response burden. In addition, integration of data from different sources provides new information that would not otherwise exist.

ESCWA is organizing this workshop in cooperation with AITRS, UNSD and UNIDO. The Workshop activities are intended to provide a training to the region’s national statistical authorities on the recently published international guidelines on statistical business register. The training will also include practical activities to enhance grasp of concepts and practice of methods. The workshop will also give room to exchange experiences between member states and with other countries.


Day 1

Guidelines on SBR
SBR Guidelines presentation
Uses of SBR

Day 2

Data Sources for SBR
Quality of SBR
Survey frame methodology

Day 3

SBB_IT Considerations

Day 4

- Round table discussion in arabic

Reference documents

- SBR Guidelines
Statistiques issues du Repertoire national des entreprises
Stagnation structurelle