ESCWA Publication: E/ESCWA/CL1.CCS/2021/INF.1

Country: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Publication Type: Information material

Cluster: Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability

Focus Area: Natural resource sustainability

Initiatives: Up-scaling energy efficiency in residential & services sectors

SDGs: Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Goal 13: Climate Action

Keywords: Buildings, Thermal energy, Bioclimatology, Ventilation, Solar energy, Energy efficiency, Energy conservation, Lighting, Energy consumption, Open spaces, Climatic zones, Manuals

Special guidebook: Practical guidelines for adopting energy efficiency measures in residential units in Jordan: Good practices to be considered when constructing or rehabilitating a dwelling

July 2022

This guide seeks to inform households on best sustainable energy practices that need to be considered during the dwelling building or retrofit process. It provides practical advice and specific guidelines related to building design and material thermal quality that can contribute to optimizing and reducing the building’s energy consumption.

The guidelines target the large public, providing in simple language useful information about the different sustainable energy solutions that are readily available for buildings’ design and envelope. These information cover the following topics: The effect of climatic conditions and other factors on the indoor temperatures, choosing the best direction for the building to benefit from the sun’s heat for heating in winter and avoid it in summer, using the layout of internal spaces to optimize the building energy consumption, using external vegetation to improve the energy sustainability of the building, informing on the role of thermal insulation materials, using high-energy performance glass in windows, adopting sunscreens and other shading elements, making use of the building’s thermal mass, effective ventilation of the dwelling, preventing uncontrolled air leakages and relying on natural daylighting.

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