Advanced traffic management systems in Palestinian cities - ESCWA
25-26 May 2022

Advanced traffic management systems in Palestinian cities

  • Beirut, Lebanon
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The Ministry of Transport in the State of Palestine seeks to promote the transport industry in order to access an integrated, multi-modal transport system, advancing the Palestinian economy. The ministry's activities focus on creating a transport system that is modern, developed, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, according to international best practices.

Modern technologies enable road administrations to transform the way that they manage and operate their highway networks. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a combination of leading-edge information and communication technologies used in transport and traffic management systems. In 2019 a national strategic framework for ITS in Palestine was prepared. 

The workshop presents the components and implementation processes of advanced traffic management systems to the Palestinian Ministry of Transport team, benefitting from the experience of the establishment of the Traffic Control Center in Beirut.

Outcome document

No recommendations were made as it is a training event.


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