25 June 2024

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Arab Development Challenges

  • United Nations House, Beirut
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The meeting brings together leading regional experts to inform the methodology, structure and analysis of initial findings and statistical results of the Arab Development Challenges report. The meeting is also an opportunity to provide input and discuss policy options for Arab countries.

Participants tackle a variety of  themes, mainly: Conflict-development nexus, development challenges in Arab countries, development inequalities in Arab countries, structural transformation challenges and political economy.


Outcome document

On June 25, 2024, ESCWA’s Governance and Conflict Prevention Cluster organized an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) at the UN-House in Beirut, Lebanon. This event focused on discussing the forthcoming report Arab Development Challenges which aims to highlight the development challenges in Arab countries across three main areas: quality-adjusted human development, environmental sustainability, and good governance.

The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) provided a comprehensive platform for regional experts to contribute to the methodology, structure, and analysis of the report. The meeting facilitated in-depth discussions on the findings and statistical results, ensuring the report’s accuracy in capturing the region's multifaceted challenges. Experts engaged in collaborative dialogues to refine the report’s analytical framework, incorporating diverse perspectives and regional insights.

Additionally, the EGM served as a crucial forum for deliberating policy options and identifying key areas for intervention to address the development challenges in the region. Participants explored a range of themes, including the conflict-development nexus, structural transformation challenges and the ailing middle class in the Arab region. The discussions highlighted the need for tailored policy responses to mitigate the impact of conflicts, reduce inequalities, and promote sustainable development. The meeting also underscored the importance of governance reforms and the role of the state in promoting economic resilience and post-conflict recovery. 

Overall, the EGM not only informed the Arab Development Challenges report but also fostered a collaborative environment for generating innovative solutions and strategic interventions to advance the region's development agenda.

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