16 October 2022

Beirut time


Big data and modernization tools: scanner data and automation of price collection in Qatar

  • Planning and Statistics Authority, Qatar
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As part of the ESCWA price statistics modernization strategy, which introduces new tools and sources in price data collection with the aim of automation and reducing the burden of field data collection on national statistical offices, the price statistics team at ESCWA is working with member States on the implementation of new automated price collection tools and facilitation of access to new data sources. The team are also exploring scanner data and its applicability in the Arab region. After ESCWA developed a roadmap for the implementation of scanner data, Qatar was selected to be the first country to work on the application of this newest initiative.

In this workshop, big data and different sources are being introduced, along with discussions on the application of big data in price statistics and data collection and a guide of the required steps for the application of scanner data.

The price statistics team at ESCWA are finalizing agreements with the Planning and Statistics Authority and outlets in Qatar and are then developing a tool to assist in the processing of incoming big data and providing the required training.

Outcome document

The meeting provided participants with valuable information to start exploring the potential of implementing modern automation tools in collecting price data, and by the end of the meeting, the Planning and Statistics Authority in Qatar expressed the willingness to start drafting and signing agreements with the outlets to initiate the collection of price and expenditure data through outlet scanner data. After the completion of this step, ESCWA’s price statistics team will step in again to guide through the implementation steps which shall follow and will develop a machine learning tool to assist Qatar’s Planning and Statistics Authority in data treatment and processing.

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