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Civil Registration in Refugee Settings: Advancing Assessment and Improvement in Unsettled Environments

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This technical meeting seeks to bring together a small group of professionals to discuss conceptual and technical issues associated with the assessment of vital registration processes and data for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. The purpose of this meeting is to identify conceptual/definitional issues and measurement challenges associated with vital registration assessment of the Syrian refugee population in Jordan and Lebanon, and to develop a modest plan for initial pilot testing of different large-scale data collection approaches. The expected output from this meeting is a draft project document for the 1-year inception phase of this project. This project document will describe the conceptual and technical challenges of the project and outline the pilot tests and field experiments that will be carried out during the inception phase.
In particular, this meeting will seek to

  1. Undertake a systematic review of available (qualitative) studies on vital registration issues for Syrian refugees in Jordan,
  2. Define and discuss the conceptual and definitional challenges associated with measurement of vital registration processes for Syrian refugees,
  3. Explore the validation challenges of birth and death registration completeness and quality – particularly for non-camp Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon,
  4. Identify conceptual, semantic and syntactic issues associated with undertaking a survey of Syrian refugees in Arabic (and writing up findings and analysis in English),
  5. Develop a detailed analysis plan for the inception phase that will guide design and implementation decisions for the full project.

Agenda and Info note
Conept Note

Opening speech

Session 1
Assisting Refugees in Lebanon
Civil Documentation-Obstacles and Challenges

Session 2
Promoting Access to Civil Status Documentation

Session 3
Measuring Violent Conflict in Micro-level Surveys
CRVS Jordan Lebanon Surveys and Census
Preliminary Descriptive Analysis- 2015 Jordanian Population Census

Session 4
Collecting Data at the Micro Level

Session 5
Registration with UNHCR

Session 6
Technical Design Issues in Constructing Migration Event Histories
Measuring statelessness in Kenya

Session 7
Non-sampling errors in survey data on mortality and fertility

Background papers
NRC- Jordan
NRC- Lebanon