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12 October 2022

Beirut time


Groundwater governance

Groundwater webinar
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ESCWA is organizing the second dialogue in the Regional Dialogues on Groundwater series. The webinar is covering issues relating to groundwater governance, including groundwater laws and regulations, institutional arrangements, financing, and socioeconomic and policy implications related to the control and management of groundwater resources.

The Arab region is facing multiple challenges that are hindering good groundwater governance, including limited information and knowledge, insufficient funding, and a lack of policies and political will.


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Outcome document

  • Groundwater sustainability challenges in the Arab region are primarily governance and management challenges
  • Controlling the over-abstraction of groundwater in the Arab region by monitoring the number of drilled wells and the water quantities extracted is no longer just an option but has become an urgent requirement to ensure a better and sustainable water management.
  • The regional guideline for groundwater abstraction gathers the best experiences from the region for policy makers to benefit from when reviewing or developing local regulations
  • The experiences shared by Jordan and Morocco encourage knowledge exchange between Arab States to enhance groundwater governance on local and regional levels

The “Groundwater Governance” webinar, which is part of the Regional Dialogues on Groundwater, preceded the UN-Water Summit on Groundwater, hence the session started with a brief on the Summit. Speakers then discussed groundwater management challenges and opportunities in the region, with a focus on experiences from Jordan and Morocco. The regional guideline for groundwater abstraction prepared by ESCWA was also presented to promote the revision and development of local groundwater regulations for a better governance.

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