Integration of behavioural insights in public policy - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
9 October 2023

Beirut time


Integration of behavioural insights in public policy

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ESCWA is organizing an induction meeting on behavioural insights in public policymaking, providing participants with an overview of behavioural science and its insights in different sectors and policy areas in the Arab region.

The induction meeting aims to:

  • Introduce behavioural insights and highlight their importance in informing evidence-based and innovative public policy;
  • Present the work of ESCWA on behavioural insights and disseminate guiding principles and best practices in national development planning as well as other policy areas by showcasing case studies in the Arab region and beyond;
  • Discuss with government officials institutional preparedness for the use of behavioural insights in policymaking as well as relevant opportunities and challenges;
  • Discuss member States’ needs and areas of improvement which behavioural insights can enhance;
  • Discuss the role of data and digitalization in supporting behavioural interventions.
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