13-15 October 2020

Regional Workshop on the Integration of Big Data and Geospatial Information for the Compilation of SDG Indicators in Arab Countries

  • Virtual meeting

Within the framework of the United Nations project for enhancing the capacity of Member States in compiling SDG indicators and to further explore and promote the use and integration of complementary data sources, including administrative data, innovative data (Big Data) and geospatial information, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), in cooperation with United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), UN Environment Programme, UN Habitat, UNESCAP,  and the Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) is organizing a “regional workshop on big data and geospatial information for the compilation of SDG indicators in the Arab countries” during the period 13-15 October 2020.

The regional workshop aims to present and discuss priority issues and challenges with regard to the use of administrative records and non-traditional data sources or innovative data sources, including Big Data, as well as to the challenges with regard to the integration of geospatial information and statistics for effective and efficient implementation of SDGs and to share best practices in use of technology and innovative approaches, including the area of geospatial information systems. The ultimate goal is to enhance the production of data and statistics, specifically the SDGs indicators for timely decision making and service delivery at the local level.

1. Meeting details
Information Note
Provisional Agenda

2. Presentations
Day 1:
Session 1: Use of Non-traditional Data Sources for Compilation of SDGs Indicators

Session 2: Use of Geospatial Information in compilation of SDGs Urban Indicators: Open Space and Public Transport

Day 2:
Session 3: Use of Geospatial Information in Compilation of SDGs Environment Indicators and Disaster Risk Management

Session 4: Use of Geospatial Information in Compilation of SDGs; Water, Land and Agriculture Indicators

Day 3:
Session 5: Use of Big Data in Measuring SDGs Indicators

Session 6: Use of Administrative Registers in SDGs indicators


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