Reviewing the Arab Digital Inclusion Platform (ADIP) Prototype - ESCWA
24 Aug 2021

UTC+2 Beirut time

Regional Consultation

Reviewing the Arab Digital Inclusion Platform (ADIP) Prototype

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Although Arab countries are increasingly committed to realizing the rights of persons with disabilities, those in the Arab region are still among the most marginalized population groups, facing multiple barriers which hinder their ability to participate in society on an equal basis with others. Even though the ICT Sector in the Arab region has developed well over the last few years, the vital role that digital technologies can play for people’s empowerment and in promoting better access for all towards building more inclusive societies is still greatly lagging.

In an effort to spur the development of e-Accessibility in the Arab region, ESCWA launched the Arab Digital Inclusion Platform (ADIP) project to support policy makers in the Arab counties to develop/improve their national policies and guidelines for enhanced e-Accessibility. The object of the meeting is to review to ADIP prototyped developed over the last year with the Inter-sessional Expert Group on Disability (IEGD) to gain their feedback and suggestions for further development. Specific attention will also be given to the review of the dedicated space created on the platform for IGED focal points.

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