27 June 2022

Beirut time

Expert Group Meeting

Reviving the digital economy in Lebanon

  • UN-House, Beirut

This meeting is a national call to revive Lebanon's digital economy, creating a bridge between individuals, the community, the private sector and public sector while providing Lebanese businesses with the tools to succeed.

The meeting is a platform for the real digital economy, convening entrepreneurs, government representatives, owners of small and medium enterprises, startup founders, corporate leaders, non-governmental organizations  representatives and other key players in the digital economy.


Outcome document

Meeting Outcome

  • There is a consensus that in the short term, the private sector would be the main player in boosting the digital economy. However, in the mid-term and long-term, the role of the government is crucial and inevitable to enhance the infrastructure. As it is only the government that can work on regulations, ethical and simplified procedures, and who is to build a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Applying e-Governance through the Public-Private Community Partnership (PPCP)
  • Supporting and lobbying with the Government of Lebanon to conclude the policies for economic prosperity:
  • Enabling specific legislation that helps support growth (company formation, tax incentives for startups, etc.)
  • Helping launch the ready Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy while addressing the AI Workforce needs
  • Establishing a digital economy platform
  • Incentivize productive linkages between industries and universities by also creating strategic partnerships with regional and international research centres.
  • As per the UN-ESCWA Report, the Arab world is missing the fourth industrial revolution, thus there is a need to promote and support the enhancement of digital skills throughout the society.
  • Development of a full-fledged national digital marketing strategy. This strategy is to include the establishment of a digital entrepreneurial website to bring together the entrepreneurs. This would be a booster for the evolvement of the digital economy sector. In addition, the strategy is to emphasize the role of women as actors of change and will embody tangible actions toward inclusion.
  • The establishment of a digital entrepreneurship monitoring system, hence setting scorecards and scoreboards. That would be a support in stopping the immigration of youth and losing talents.
  • Establishment of a national forum on digital economy bridging among entrepreneurs, SMEs, community, and public sectors by doing monthly & quarterly follow-ups and focus meetings while growing the representatives.
  • Establishment of a robust digital infrastructure and building productive synergies. The private sector and investors are to be encouraged, especially a specific focus that should be on intrapreneurs i.e., entrepreneurs within existing groups.
  • Designing and implementing an awareness outreach campaign on the digital economy, addressing its advantages, hence showing society what digital can bring to the table. In addition, encouraging the NGOs to work on digital activities and initiatives.
  • The digital economy framework is to start in universities and schools. The young people are to be coached, involved, and encouraged through competition, innovation, and empowerment of the right to education and the internet for every child (SDG 4 -9). Knowledge and learning events and training organized will include men and women decision-makers, stakeholders, and practitioners, thus ensuring equal opportunities and access for women and men.



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