12 January 2023

Beirut time


Special Drawing Rights and beyond: development finance, fiscal spending and inequality

  • Beirut, UN House
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ESCWA, in partnership with Oxfam, the Arab NGO Network for Development, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region and the Arab Watch Coalition, is organizing a conference on Special Drawing Rights and Beyond: The future of development finance, fiscal spending and inequality in the Arab region". This regional workshop aims to inform decision-making towards more equitable international financing for economic recovery in the MENA region through sustainable joint civil society action on Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) in particular, and on debt, austerity and inequality. 

The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Advocate in collaboration with civil society organizations on the best fiscal use of SDRs for a just and green economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and a transparent and inclusive process of allocation and spending
  • Facilitate joint action among regional and national MENA actors to call for just SDR allocation and for increased social spending to achieve fiscal justice and fight inequality
  • Create an inclusive space for dialogue on the impact of austerity measures on socioeconomic rights in the region.
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