360° ecosystem for green entrepreneurs - ESCWA
9 March 2022

Beirut time


360° ecosystem for green entrepreneurs

  • LIVINC, As-Salt, Jordan

The event introduces the activities of the Green Entrepreneurship Network Jordan and aims to attract additional partners to the ecosystem and expand support to green entrepreneurs and markets.

Objectives of the event include:

  • Identifying approaches for engaging government partners in addressing the policy needs critical for the growth of green entrepreneurs;
  • Obtaining buy-in from impact investors for green businesses;
  • Equipping network members and other interested partners with green technologies and related business models;
  • Leveraging the green start-up/business community to share knowledge of the sector's needs and potential;
  • Presenting on the importance of the sector and the centrality of green businesses in the overall economy, as indicated by Jordan's Green Growth National Action Plan (2021 - 2025).
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