24 September-2 October 2019

Development of Price Statistics and Preparation for ICP 2020

  • Istanbul, Turkey

ESCWA conducted a regional event consisting of two back-to-back meetings for the production of purchasing power parities (PPPs) and development of price statistics for the Arab region, and for the preparation and development of price surveys for the 2020 International Comparison Program (ICP) cycle.

The meeting was attended by participants from 11 member countries and focused on:

  • The presentation and analysis of the preliminary ICP results for the period extending from 2011 to 2017
  • A working session on the update of price and expenditure data for the update of PPP results 
  • The presentation of new developed initiatives incorporating innovative technologies
  • Detailed country presentations on the different uses of PPPs
  • Working sessions for the revision and development of the 2020 household consumption item list
  • Presentation of the regional 2020 Machinery and Equipment item list
  • Presentation of the global 2020 price surveys for private education, housing rentals, government  compensation and construction.

Agenda 24-27 September
Agenda  30 September-02 October

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