Enhancing public institutions' capacity to train future public servants - ESCWA
29 Nov 2021

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Enhancing public institutions' capacity to train future public servants

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Strengthening capacities, mindsets, and competencies of public institutions to build the next generation of public servants in the Arab region

The capacity development webinar aims to raise awareness of methodologies and approaches for strengthening effective governance and public institutions in the Arab region. Schools that offer public administration programmes and degrees are the main actors in training future civil servants. By developing the schools' capacity, the quality and effectiveness of public policy management, implementation and evaluation will be improved, leading to more effective governance

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognizes the need to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies that are based on respect for human rights, effective rule of law and good governance at all levels and the need for transparent, effective and accountable institutions. ESCWA and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Arab Administrative Development Organization, is organizing a capacity development webinar to launch a curriculum on governance for the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab region. The curriculum translates the principles of effective governance into practice through capacity developing training material on governance and public institutions.

The webinar aims to generate interest in mainstreaming this curriculum in schools teaching public administration, while adapting it to the specificities of the different countries of the Arab region.

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