Flexible work arrangements in Lebanon - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
1 June 2023

Beirut time

Special event

Flexible work arrangements in Lebanon

  • Lebanese Parliament Library Hall
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Building on the recommendations of a case study on Empowering women in the Arab region: Advancing the care economy, conducted by ESCWA in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Health, and the International Labour Organization, and based on the findings of a legal study developed by ESCWA upon the request of the Chair of the Women and Children Parliamentary Committee, a law proposal was submitted by the Chair of the committee to amend certain clauses of the labour law to include flexible work arrangements.

The legislative reform addresses the shortcomings in the current legal text to make it responsive to ongoing global developments, and more effective in alleviating the burden of unpaid care work on women and enhancing their participation in the labour market. It also contributes to reducing informal employment by expanding the scope of social protection under flexible work arrangements.

Within this context, ESCWA is organizing a special event in the presence of the chair of the Women and Children Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, and the representative of the Ministry of Labour, Dr. Iman Khazaal. The event advocates for the law proposal and discusses the impact of flexible work arrangements on enhancing women's economic participation in Lebanon.

Outcome document

The event launched a law proposal presented by the chair of the Lebanese Women and Children Parliamentary Committee to amend existing clauses of the labour law to include flexible work arrangements.

This law is a foundational step to be followed by national discussions and consultations with relevant stakeholders to push for the adoption of legal amendments and interventions that aim to develop the caregiving sector, enhance women's economic participation, and foster social protection for all.


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