18-23 December 2019

Joint workshop for capacity building in price data collection

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Given that some countries are participating in the ICP in both Western Asia and Africa regions, the regional offices at ESCWA and the African Development Bank (AFDB) conducted a joint workshop for building statistical capacity in ICP/CPI price data collection in dual participating countries.
The meeting was attended by participants from Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia in addition to representatives from the AFDB and ESCWA, and included:

  • Revision sessions for the comparison of datasets received by both regions
  • Working sessions for data revision and treatment after which each country representative provided a common final dataset for both regions
  • Training sessions on the use of the ICP toolkit modules for data entry and data validation
  • Presentation of the different ICP surveys

An agreement was made on the collaboration strategy between the two regions for the 2020 ICP cycle to ensure consistency of dual participating countries’ data between the two regions.


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