28-30 January 2020

Launching the 2020 ICP Cycle & Treatment of 2018 Price Data

  • Amman, Jordan

ESCWA conducted a regional meeting for launching the 2020 ICP Cycle and for Treatment and Validation of 2018 Household and Non-Household Consumption Price Data. With the 2017 ICP Cycle coming to an end, the 2020 ICP Cycle will require full collection of data for 2020 to eventually compute PPPs and the corresponding indicators.
The meeting was attended by 14 participants and focused on:

  • Presentation of the new and updated regional 2020 household consumption and non-household consumption surveys, namely housing rentals, private education, machinery and equipment, government compensation and construction.
  • Presentation on the regional status of the 2020 ICP cycle, a summary of the 2017 cycle and other innovative initiatives was made, which also included a section of the use of PPPs in 8 out of the 17 SDGs, namely goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

  • Revision and validation of the 2018 household consumption price data. During the validation session, country representatives took notes of existing outliers for treatment and submission of updated data.

  • Validation, revision and treatment of 2018 price data for non-household consumption special surveys, namely private education, housing rentals, machinery and equipment, construction and government compensation.


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