1-7 April 2019

Regional Meeting for the Development of PPPs under the framework of the ICP in Western Asia

  • Istanbul, Turkey

Given the important uses of purchasing power parities (PPPs) in the formulation of economic policies and in monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Western Asia has been working towards the regular production of PPPs by constructing a continuous annual PPP time series and establishing the International Comparison Program (ICP) as a permanent element within the regular statistical work programs, an initiative which has granted the region a leading position within the global ICP community. The regional team will conduct a meeting for the treatment of price data and the development of PPPs.
The meeting includes the below sessions:

  • Detailed presentation of each countries’ integration activities in the field of price statistics
  • Final Validation for 2017 Price data
  • Building the new HHC list in preparation for the 2020 ICP Round


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