9-10 April 2019

Sub-Regional Meeting for the computation of HCPI results for non-GCC member countries

  • Istanbul, Turkey

The regional International Comparison Program (ICP) team will conduct a workshop for the computation of the Harmonized Consumer Price Index (HCPI).

The Harmonized Consumer Price Index (HCPI) is an innovative project developed by the regional office at ESCWA in an endeavor to achieve higher integration between the ICP and the national statistical work programs, mainly the CPI. This project also aims at increasing the coordination between member countries and enabling the comparison of price level changes, which are otherwise incomparable using the national CPI indices. Moreover, this activity also provides an added value in terms of measuring inflation level in the region as a whole or in a sub-region within Western Asia as a first step.
The workshop sessions include:

  • Presentation of country status reports
  • Presentation of the HCPI methodology
  • Presentation and revision of the HCPI metadata forms
  • Presentation of preliminary HCPI and inflation levels results
  • Working Session: Preliminary result revision, final updates, and endorsement of results
  • Presentation of final national HCPI results
  • Comparison of inflation levels between National CPI and HCPI
  • Presentation of sub-regional HCPI and inflation and country positions
  • Setting a strategy and timetable for the sustainability of HCPI production


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